Former Army Colonel, attorney, and small business owner ready to represent Virginia’s 11th State Senate District

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Meet Wayne Powell.


I'm Wayne Powell, and I'm running for the Virginia State Senate in the 11th District.

Why am I running for VA State Senate in the 11th District?

From the time I was very young, I felt that I wanted to try to make things better that needed to be made better. And when I saw an injustice, I would try to correct it. I grew up in a family, my parents both hardworking, but they were poor. I saw a lot of injustice in the way we had to live. We had no insurance. My dad could barely keep a job because he was a welder, and there was no protections on his job. No health insurance, and when things got tough on the job, they would just let him go. He'd have to go to another welding job. I saw the injustice of how we lived, and we were such a hardworking family.

What did you take away from your 30 years of military service?

I was a solider for 30 years. Mostly in a command position where I had subordinates that relied on me to make sure that I got them out of whatever our situation was in good shape without any accidents, training accidents and otherwise. I used to tell my troops before we went overseas, various parts of Europe and South America, "Remember they look to us as the example." America is the example for the world, and that's the macro, or the broad approach. And that's the way I consider myself, an ambassador, in a sense. An ambassador as an army officer, wherever I went.

Who are the people in Virginia’s 11th district you want to represent?

They're just like my parents. Most of them are very hardworking people who just want to get ahead, just want to educate their kids. All those things that I saw growing up made me want a better world for my kids. Thankfully, they have a better world, my grandkids, whom I love tremendously. They have a better life. And I'm glad to say that I was part of that. However, there are others that can also benefit from that, which is why I'm involved with education, and why I'm involved in the community, and why I'm involved in politics.

So, my mission in life is to make it all better and if I ran 10 times, it's always that same mission.

I'm Wayne Powell, I'm a husband, a proud father, a proud grandfather, and I'm running for the Virginia State Senate in the 11th District.

A vote for me is a vote for you.