Wayne Powell will represent everyone.


“My parents always taught me that hard work and helping others would lead to a good life, core values that I carried with me through the challenges that I faced growing up. I watched my mother and father suffer through poverty, never having adequate healthcare all while being the pillars of character without whom I could not be the man I am today.

 I also saw the injustices that they faced, not because they weren’t smart, not because they weren't hard working, but because they were poor.  This instilled in me a desire to help people like my parents in any way I could.”

This deeply rooted philosophy has informed Wayne Powell’s entire professional life; from serving 3 decades as an Army intelligence officer while also fighting for justice as an immigration, personal injury, and workers’ compensation lawyer.

Wayne has advocated for justice for women soldiers as their numbers grew and they faced harassment and adversity in the U.S. Army. He has upheld the rights of immigrants in the United States as they navigate their way through our complex legal system, offering free legal services to families separated at the border.

Wayne’s extensive public school volunteer work over the years introduced him to educational inequity and the need to ensure that every teacher and school counselor has the right resources.

Wayne Powell not only believes in justice for all Virginians, he built a business around being a voice for justice under the law.

Wayne and his wife, Katherine, live in Chesterfield with their two dogs. He is a proud father of two and grandfather of four.

Virginia's 11th Senatorial District needs to FLIP! Wayne Powell is the human to do it. In this video from a public forum in Chesterfield, you will learn about Wayne's motivation for running again, the experience that has built his character and passions that drive his career.