Meet Wayne Powell.


I'm Wayne Powell, and I'm running for the Virginia State Senate in the 11th District.

Why am I running for VA State Senate in the 11th District?

From the time I was very young, I felt that I wanted to try to make things better that needed to be made better. And when I saw an injustice, I would try to correct it. I grew up in a family, my parents both hardworking, but they were poor. I saw a lot of injustice in the way we had to live. We had no insurance. My dad could barely keep a job because he was a welder, and there was no protections on his job. No health insurance, and when things got tough on the job, they would just let him go. He'd have to go to another welding job. I saw the injustice of how we lived, and we were such a hardworking family.

What did you take away from your 30 years of military service?

I was a solider for 30 years. Mostly in a command position where I had subordinates that relied on me to make sure that I got them out of whatever our situation was in good shape without any accidents, training accidents and otherwise. I used to tell my troops before we went overseas, various parts of Europe and South America, "Remember they look to us as the example." America is the example for the world, and that's the macro, or the broad approach. And that's the way I consider myself, an ambassador, in a sense. An ambassador as an army officer, wherever I went.

Who are the people in Virginia’s 11th district you want to represent?

They're just like my parents. Most of them are very hardworking people who just want to get ahead, just want to educate their kids. All those things that I saw growing up made me want a better world for my kids. Thankfully, they have a better world, my grandkids, whom I love tremendously. They have a better life. And I'm glad to say that I was part of that. However, there are others that can also benefit from that, which is why I'm involved with education, and why I'm involved in the community, and why I'm involved in politics.

So, my mission in life is to make it all better and if I ran 10 times, it's always that same mission.

I'm Wayne Powell, I'm a husband, a proud father, a proud grandfather, and I'm running for the Virginia State Senate in the 11th District.

A vote for me is a vote for you.



Healthcare Thoughts.


Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

We're all equal, and we all should be treated equitably. “Treated Equally” means people on both ends of the scale receive the same treatment - the people on the poor end of the scale, like my family was, as well as the people who are rich and can afford whatever healthcare they want.

We're the only country in the world who doesn't offer their people some basic healthcare, but we claim to be most civilized country in the world? I think those who argue the strongest against basic healthcare availability are the ones that don't have to worry about it.

There needs to be a safety net.

There needs to be basic affordable, health care for every man, woman and child in this country.



Increase Our Teachers’ Pay


increase education funding

Wayne Powell shares why Virginia needs to increase educational funds, not continue to cut them:

I think the statistic I heard is that they're paid 14% less than what the average is for their expertise. We need to immediately go to the 14%. We shouldn't wait five years. The teachers need to be paid for the enormous sacrifices that they make.

You're looking at a man that would not be sitting here today without public education, so I'm a big believer.



Minimum Wage Issue.


raise virginia’s minimum wage:

No one starts full-time in my office without earning $12 an hour.

That's the minimum wage in my office, and I think that we need to work on state minimum wage to raise it from $7.25. No one can work 40 hours a week, live a life and have a family at $7.25 cents an hour for 40 hours. They can't do it.

We need to break through that cycle. The inequality that surrounds us needs to be overcome, and there's only way to overcome it.

Virginia needs to appreciate and pay the blue collar workers and teachers a fair and right wage for their services to our community.



Help Our Environment


Wayne Powell talks about who should pay for cleaning up the Coal Ash in the James River:

We've got more coal ash in this county than in any other part of the state. 

55% of the coal ash is buried right here, and, by the way, it should not be at the rate payers expense. It should be at Dominion's expense.  I don't see any literature that talks about how Dominion shared their profits during all the years that they dumped coal ash in our county. 

I don't think it's time for us to pay for their mistake, because they've known about these chemicals in this coal ash. Everybody's known about it. Just like cigarette smoke in the '80s. Dominion needs to pay for their own decisions. They need to be corporately responsible.

When I'm in the Senate, that's exactly what I'm going to fight for. The rate payers don't pay for it, Dominion pays for it.


A vote for me is a vote for you. Go June 11 to vote Wayne Powell in the primary election!
— Wayne Powell